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Capital Campaign Management

FMG partners with every client to develop a capital campaign strategy that meets their needs & budget. This can range from us being on a small retainer to provide advice to full-service campaign management. In some cases it involves us coordinating the relationship with another firm who provides the service.

During a Full-Service Campaign, we:

  • Continue with your alumni/parent relations program, with increased attention to more events& major gift cultivation
  • Finalize the campaign brochure and create other Campaign documents (gift forms, etc.)
  • Ensure that the website is campaign ready
  • Finish recruiting volunteers and solidify the leadership team
  • Train & manage all volunteers
  • Help Solicit the boards, leadership team & other campaign volunteers
  • Help Solicit major gifts
  • Help Solicit remaining chapter alumni, parents,undergraduates, and non-chapter alumni
  • Process all gifts/pledges/payments and send thanks
  • Send out mail & email communications to donors & volunteers as needed
  • Attend in-person or by conference call leadership team meetings
  • See that donors & volunteers are recognized

The Campaign centers on the “romance,” “recruit,” and “request” of fund raising. A typical Campaign will last 12 to 18 months and may be started immediately following a Feasibility Study. If there are issues that need to be addressed such as the undergraduate chapter, board leadership, and/or and/or alumni/parent cultivation, the Campaign may start much later.

We are primarily consultants and managers; it is our job to ensure that the campaign is completed successfully. Our goal is for every prospect to be solicited by the person who is able to get the best result. For most major gift prospects,an FMG partner will be part of the team. For the majority of prospects,however, one or more chapter alumni from the same era will solicit the gift.

FMG has helped chapters raise $50,000 to as much as $5.0 million. A few success stories:

  • Arizona, Phi Gamma Delta – $3.9 million
  • Arizona, Sigma Chi – $2.3 million
  • Arizona, Sigma Phi Epsilon- $785,000
  • Oklahoma, Kappa Sigma – $5.0 million
  • Purdue, Kappa Sigma – $2.8 million

Our fees range from a small monthly retainer to as much as $5,000 per month depending on the services provided. Our goal is to keep our fees & expenses under 10%, if not closer to 5%.
To learn more, please email Matt Noble

or call him at 520-990-3250.

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