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The Seven Habits of Successful Advisory Boards

Seven Habits of Successful Advisory Boards


• Advise By Being Around
• Officers & Committee Chairs Need To See You Often
• Members Need To See You As A Resource & Not Only As The Person That Deals With Discipline

2. Education & Training

• Read Websites (Chapter, National & University)
• Read Magazines (National & University)
• Attend National & University Leadership Conferences
• Model Successful Advisory Boards

3. Written Goals & Monthly Evaluation

• Advisors & Officers Should Develop Monthly, Semester & Annual Goals
• Goals Should Be Reviewed Between Officers & Committee Chairs Weekly, Between Officers & the Chapter
Every 2-3 Weeks and Between Officers & Advisors Monthly
• Goals Should Be Posted In The Chapter House & On The Website

4. Effective Communication

• Advisor Should Speak With Regional Officers Monthly & Headquarters Every 3-4 Months At A Minimum
• Advisors Should Meet With Each Other Monthly As Well As Meet With Their Assigned Officers Every 2-4 Weeks (Some Meetings Can Be By Phone)
• Advisors Should Coordinate With Each Other To Ensure That There Is An Advisor At A Meeting Every 2-4 Weeks (Every Week If Possible)
• Advisors Should Meet With The University Greek Advisor Quarterly
• Advisors & Officers Should Have A Retreat Each Semester

5. Recruitment Strategy

• Fill Your Needs & Recruit In-Person
• Find Those Willing To Learn & Who Have A “Thick Skin”
• Use Tools To Help You Succeed (Other Volunteers, Students, Organizational Charts, Goals, Online Volunteer Applications, Etc.)

6. Recognition

• Chapters Need To Find Ways To Thanks Advisors & Advisors Need To Thank Their Assistants As Often As Possible
• Recognition: Service Awards, Newsletter, Website, E-News & Events

7. Fun!

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